Well first of all I want to thank all of you who came out and saw us at the Derby City Fly Fishers and Buckeye United Fly Fishers shows over the past two weekends.  As luck would have it we were slammed with winter weather for both shows and many of you decided you’d be better off shoveling snow out of your driveways than locking in the four wheel drive and making the dangerous trek to the show.  We took some grief from our wives but ultimately went anyway.  After all we’re fishermen and have a tendency to be pretty thick headed when it comes to something like weather.

I’ve been talking to a lot of you recently and you’re begging for a fishing report update so here it is.  WE’RE NOT FISHING FOR A WHILE.  Sorry to say this but as I sit here typing this Lake Cumberland is at 701.36 feet and rising.  In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past three years that means she’s 21.36 feet higher than they want it.  This pretty much sucks for any of us who want to go fishing on the Cumberland any time soon.  I guess if there’s a bright side to this story it’s that it’s February and the entire lake is really cold so all of that water getting pumped out is being replaced by more cold water.  If you recall May of 2009 when this happened we lost most of our cold water our of Lake Cumberland because the water going in was warm water.  Pretty much after April any rain that occurs is a bad thing for our cold water storage in the lake.  So if it’s gonna rain in 2010 bring it on now.  Come April we’re crossing our fingers for dry weather.

I love the fly fishing shows.  We get to hang out with people like us.  We got to check out new toys, meet guides from all over the country, and most importantly see some old friends that we only see a few times each year.  This year we had the pleasure of having a long discussion with Dave Dreeves, a fisheries biologist for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Dave had mostly good news for us for 2010 and the future.  The most notable thing was the notion that pretty much every single one of you that fishes with us in 2011 and 2012 will have a legit shot at landing a new Kentucky state record brookie.  Needless to say we’re going to have to buy some scales to keep up with it all.

Now on to the actual fishing report part……  We’re blown out on every tailwater in the state.  You know it…we know it.  So where do you fish?  Look at creeks that aren’t frozen over.  Eastern Kentucky’s Daniel Boone National Park offers several trout streams that are most likely going to be fishing over the next few days.  Rock Creek should be fishing as well.  If you’ve gone, give us a report.  We’d love to hear it….and post it!

Keep an eye on our helpful links page.  When the lake finally drops 20 feet we’re going to be there.

Keep checking the site.  We’re getting used to the new format and adding content as this old dog learns some new tricks.

Tight lines, Brandon